cyber security transformation & restructuring

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Does your organization want to drive rapid, holistic improvement to transform the performance, health, and capabilities of cyber security in your company? dig8ital can deliver swift and dramatic performance improvement to companies facing significant cyber security operational and financial challenges through cyber security transformation and restructuring. We provide professional and experienced advice, and work only where the aspiration is a radical, sustainable step up in performance.

We achieve this through:

Cyber Security Complexity Management

We partner with clients to reduce all forms of cyber security complexity to unlock value and turbocharge growth, agility and competitiveness.

Cyber Security Capability Sourcing

We help clients to acquire the right cyber security capabilities from the right source at the right price, and with the right partnership structure.

Cyber Security Business Process Redesign

dig8ital will simplify and digitally enable your core cyber security business processes to deliver more value to your customer.

Cyber Security Accelerated Transformation

dig8ital will rapidly identify and capture revenue and cost savings opportunities in cyber security when you urgently need a financial turnaround.

Cyber Security Cost Transformation

We partner strategically to transform your cyber security cost structure to gain competitive advantage.

The only way you survive is if you continuously transform into something else. It’s this idea of continuous transformation that makes you an innovation company.
— Ginni Rometty, CEO, IBM

Tools utilized include:

Cyber Security - Advisory Services

Operating Model

Zero Based Redesign

Agile Enterprise

Org Navigator

Talent Builder

Winning Culture

Sustained Cost Transformation

Accelerated Transformation

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Assessment Redesign

Complexity Management

Capability Sourcing

Business Process Redesign

Rebooting Your Cyber Security

Project Effectiveness

Supply Chain Edge

Result Delivery

End-to-End Journey Redesign

Risk Management Transformation

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