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Organizations that focus on transforming the cyber security culture and building capabilities during a transformation are 2.5 times more likely to succeed. dig8ital partners with clients to build the cyber security culture and capabilities they need to move quickly, become agile, and create value long after we’ve left.

We achieve this through:

Modernising Core Cyber Technology

Most institutions still manage cyber security in a way that is distinctly old-fashioned - by delegating responsibility to IT or security, by using protections architected and designed to meet yesterday’s attacks, and/or by applying burdensome restrictions that impede innovation. 

dig8ital’s approach integrates cyber resilience into management and governance processes and extends that integration deep into the technology environment, providing differentiated protection for an institution’s organization’s most important assets.

Cyber Security Education and Training

At dig8ital we also recognise that cyber security education and training is more important than ever to enable organizations to truly understand the risks and vulnerabilities, and then look for the most effective way to manage and mitigate them, which may include new security technologies such as behavioural analytics and artificial intelligence.

When a culture is broken, the cracks show - morale is weakened, but so is profit and performance. That’s why culture has to be at the core of any business transformation.
— Peggy Johnson, Exec VP Business Development, Microsoft

Tools utilized include:

Cyber Security Education and Training, including gaming technology and virtual reality

Digital Cyber Security Organization

Digital Cyber Security Capability

Full Scale Cyber Security Transformation

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