Webinar: How to Protect Your Business with Identity and Access Management


A cyber attack can come from many different directions, making it exceedingly difficult to prevent them all. This is where a rock-solid identity and access management (IAM) strategy is essential.

In this webinar, we'll show you how good IAM practices can better control access privileges, make it faster to log in securely, detect abnormal network behavior, and track unmanaged or inactive accounts. We'll share our proven framework and approach, including a detailed discussion on critical implementation phases so you can put these learnings into action.

This webinar is for technical IT professionals who are responsible for protecting their business from cyber breaches and attacks.


  1. What does good IAM look like in practice?
  2. How to protect against IAM risks and challenges
  3. Our proven IAM framework and approach, in action
  4. Short-term implementation phases to get started straight away
  5. Medium-term implementation phases to optimize over time

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