[PDF] Implementing Measures to Counter Cyber Terrorism in Business: A Free Framework

Organizations are increasingly under threat from cyber espionage groups. Discover how to prepare your company, and what to do in the event of an attack.

In this guide, we will offer you a checklist to follow that breaks down measures to mitigate the risks and potential damage of such attacks, with guidance on how to implement each step.

As we've increasingly seen in recent years - Petya, WannaCry, SolarWinds - organizations are increasingly at risk of cyber attack from the world's advanced persistent threat groups (APTs), otherwise known as cyber espionage groups or, colloquially, hackers.

Your company is a part of the global digital supply chain, and that means you must be prepared to defend yourself against acts of cyber attack, espionage and terrorism, whether you're the target or become collateral in an attack against one of your vendors.

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Cyber Terr Download 1 - Implementing Measures A Framework
  • Cyber Terr Download 1 - Implementing Measures A Framework

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